Home News Dead donkeys land man in court

Dead donkeys land man in court


A Guruve village head is up in arms with his friend whom he gave two donkeys last year and were returned dead to his place of residents the same year.

Village head Ezekiel Kamota (78) of Kamota village in Guruve dragged Joseph Kapingudza to court demanding $300 for his donkeys before Guruve resident magistrate Shingirai Mutiro.

Kamota told the court that he gave Kapingudza two donkeys in April last year only to return them dead in June 2017 saying they ate poison.

However, Kapingudze admitted that one of the donkeys died and they agreed on paying one donkey at $150 through a written document.

The village head demanded $300 saying Kapingudze took advantage of his illiteracy and forced him to sign.

“Your worship do not mind that written document listen to me l am the owner of these donkeys this man should pay me $300 period,” fumed Kapingudza.

The magistrate remanded case to 3 November.