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Mugabe sent assasins to kill me says Masiyiwa


Econet Wireless Boss Strive Masiyiwa has revealed that Former President Robert Mugabe sent assassins to abduct and kill him.

In an emotional statement issued on Facebook on Thursday Masiyiwa said, “I fled my country when assassins were sent to kill me. I had been tipped off by someone in the Mugabe government who was related to me.

“Even when I left the country there were other attempts to kidnap me in South Africa. It has been 18 and a half years. Only I have the right to decide when to come home.

“My executives in Zimbabwe were arrested and held in leg irons for 16 days. I endured all the persecutions including the bombing and shutting down of my Newspaper business. No one stood in our corner or expressed indignation.”

Masiyiwa was responding to widespread condemnation of his call for the removal of sanctions against Zimbabwe in an interview with CNBC Africa.
MDC Deputy Treasurer General Charlton Hwende called for the boycott of Econet services by MDC supporters.

Read the full transcript of Masiyiwa’s speech on CNBC Africa below:

I have invested in Zimbabwe (in the last 10 years), $1.5 billion US dollars. I’m as committed to investing in Zimbabwe as I have always been come rain or shine.
But concerning the change that has taken place; I believe it is real. I believe President Mnangagwa is sincere with the things he wants to do. It is going to be extremely challenging. Everyone knows that.

Anyone who understands economics knows it’s going to be tough going but I think that Zimbabwe needs to be given a chance. We have to stop the politicking and focus on rebuilding this country‚Ķ And I’m right up there. I think the sanctions, should be removed.

There’s no justification for them anymore and I’ve always been on record to say the sanctions are not justified. Now we are almost 20 years into the sanctions. You can’t have one country operating with its hands tied behind its back.

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