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‘It Wasn’t Me’-Mliswa Suddenly Disowns Twitter Account After Being Slapped With $1 Million Lawsuit


Member Of Parliament for Norton Constituency Temba Mliswa has disowned a twitter account ‘@TembaMliswa’ which is alleged to have been used to defame fellow legislator Killer Zivhu of Chivhu South.

This is after Zivhu instructed his lawyers to claim US1M for general damages and defamation against Mliswa with claims that Mliswa had been defaming him since April 25 last year to date via social media and some published articles in mainstream media.

Killer Zivhu

In the case, Mliswa has requested for further particulars while disowning the twitter account.

He is demanding details which prove it was him who wrote the defaming tweets as well as proof that the account belongs to him.

“We request that we be furnished with MAC address that identifies the actual device that was used to send the said tweets

We request that we be furnished with an IP address which identifies the location and the internet that was used,” read the request for further particulars by Mliswa through his lawyers, Kadzere, Hungwe and Mandevere.

Zivhu is claiming $1m, which he said was for general damages for defamation of character commensurate of the gravity and extent of the case, pursuant to social media publications authored and published articles by the defendant to the general public on social media platforms on the 25th of April.

“Defendant has been using the social media platform to tweet defamatory statements implicating that the plaintiff is corrupt and that he is a thief, who corruptly acquired land in Norton which he has failed to develop and sells dubious stands to Galloway residents and does not provide them with title deeds,” read Zivhu’s summons to Mliswa

Zivhu argues that Mliswa’s twitter account has a huge following and the tweets had been retweeted by other users, broadening the viewership of the defamatory tweets and allegations.