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Jah Prayzah And Winky D Battle It Out


The law of the jungle states that you either kill or be killed, this is when only the fittest survive.

We have just recently witnessed this with contemporary musician Jah Prayzah and Winky D who released their new offerings to the public at the same time.

While Jah Prayzah had long advertised his Chitubu album launch which took place on the 2nd of November, Winky D came in at last minute and unveiled his video for the single titled “Paper bag”.

Winky D’s move was criticized by many who went into an overdrive suggesting that he wanted to sabotage Jah Prayzah’s project.

However, Jah Prayzah’s ‘Dzamutsana’ video which was uploaded on YouTube turned out to be the fans’ favorite with over 100 000 views, beating Winky D’s ‘Paper Bag’ which is yet to reach six digits.

In their defence, Winky D’s camp said that the timing of their video release was determined by Trace Africa where it was premiered.