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Rapist caught in the act, feels with pants down


Harare – A Harare man who was allegedly caught in the act while attempting to rape an 18-year-old girl by the road side shocked onlookers as he escaped with his pants down.

An Epworth man ran away with his pants down after he was caught red handed while trying to sexually assault an 18- year old girl by the side of the road.

Justice Kudima, (25) was hauled before the court facing charges of attempted rape.

Kudima who was on the run since last year reportedly escaped from the man who had caught him in the act with his pants down as he cycled away on his bicycle.

Prosecuting, Linda Gadzikwa alleged that the witness who saw Kudima trying to force the complainant to have sex with him said he ran away without taking time to get dressed after he saw that someone was approaching the scene.

The witness interviewed the complainant who thanked him indicating that Kudima had actually been trying to force himself on her.

The witness had heard the noise from the scuffle from a bush beside the road and when he went to enquire ,the accused fled the scene.

The court heard that Kudima sexually assaulted the complainant before trying to rape her.

Kudima was remanded in custody.

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