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Love Triangle Takes NASTY Twist As Man Wife’s Attempts To Scald Small House With Boiling Water


An aggrieved woman is at odds with her boyfriend’s wife after the latter allegedly tried to scald her with hot water.

Noreen Masero opened up at the Harare Civil Court where she applied for a peace order against Getrude Chidhakwa, citing verbal and physical abuse.

“I know this woman because she came to my house to insult me; her husband is my boyfriend, but we are not officially married yet.

“All I can say is she stays with my boyfriend and they have children together,” said Masero.

The court asked Masero if she was aware that Chidhakwa was married to her boyfriend.

“I don’t know because nowadays people are just cohabiting,” she replied.

She told the court that she wants Chidhakwa barred from coming to her house.

“She comes to my house to abuse me. At first she came and tried to scald me with water. On the second occasion, she threatened to stab me with a broken bottle and she ended up cutting herself. I don’t want her coming to my house”

Chidhakwa however rubbished Masero’s accusations.

“She’s lying. I went to her house to find out if my husband has a girlfriend or not.”

Chidhakwa then had an emotional breakdown saying her husband is the one who is abusive.

“My husband assaulted me and I filed a report to the police but I dropped the charges because he asked for forgiveness.

“I don’t have a problem with her because I did not abuse her.

The court granted Masero the protection order and advised Chidhakwa to get a protection order against her husband.

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