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School caretaker in trouble after bedding Form 3 girl


A CARETAKER at Mucherengi Secondary in Guruve was on Tuesday convicted for statutory rape after he sxually abused a Form 3 pupil twice.

Captain Captain (20) was slapped with 210 hours of community service for contravening Section 70 of the Criminal and Codification Act (having sx with a minor) after full trial.

Guruve magistrate Shingirai Mutiro heard that on September 25 and 26 this year, Captain enticed a female student aged 15 to his residence and slept with her after she had consented. In his defence, Captain said the girl proposed love to him and he accepted.

“Your worship, I did not bother to ask her age since she proposed love to me after admiring my hair-cutting skills as a barber,” Captain said.

The matter came to light after the girl’s mother noticed changes in her behaviour. Upon questioning her, she revealed that she had slept with the convict.

Albert Mazhindu represented the State.

— NewsDay