Home News Shocking: Govt Sells $45k Vehicle For Only $1 500

Shocking: Govt Sells $45k Vehicle For Only $1 500


People have expressed shock at a leaked letter which shows a government vehicle which is less than two years old being disposed of for only $1 500. The Isuzu KB250 was purchased in September 2016 for $45 632. The letter which is signed by the Managing Director of the Central Mechanical and Equipment Department (CMED), one D Mhaka and is addressed to the Secretary of the Public Service Commission. Eyebrows have been raised at the method which was used to calculate the depreciation as the car seems to have been losing $1 800 of its value every single month. Those defending the government argue that the car is non-runner which was damaged in an accident, although this is not mentioned in the letter.

We publish the full letter below.