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Shocking: Teenage Killers Reveal Reasons For Brutally Murdering Avenues Hoo_ker


In a shocking development, two minors aged 16 and 17 from Epworth have been arrested for the murder of Harare hoo_ker, Samantha Hlahla. Samantha, who was a known lady of the night was discovered brutally murdered in her apartment at room 25 Trocadero Court in the Avenues area of Harare two weeks back. Her acquaintances said that some of Samantha’s property was missing as there were two television sets which could not be accounted for and the apartment appeared to have been ransacked, indicating that robbery also took place.

After sterling work, detectives from the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) managed to locate and arrest the two teenagers who were relaxed at their Epworth base. The detectives then took the two suspects to Samantha’s former apartment so that they could explain and reenact what had happened on the fateful day. When Samantha’s friend, acquaintances and former work colleagues learned that the detectives had brought the suspects to Samantha’s apartment they thronged the apartment to catch a glimpse of the killers and to hear what happened.

According to sources who were close to the ground, the two teenagers murdered Samantha for ritual purposes after they had consulted a traditional dealer in Mbare, who gave them money making charms, known in the vernacular as “kuromba”. The teenagers are alleged to have been asked to collect human blood and when they were arrested detectives discovered calabashes of blood in their house. The two were suspects had previously consulted the same n’anga for love potions and when the potions seemed to have worked according to plan, they decided to go a step higher and get money making charms. According to friends and associates, the two were Samantha’s regular clients which is why they were able to enter her apartment easily.   They are expected to appear in court soon.  A source who spoke to H-Metro,

Noone could have committed such a crime without knowing the deceased person because they took her property.  Who could do that asingazive mafambiro aSamantha… The sangoma gave them mushonga wekuromba and advised them to kill to make the deal work.  He then demanded money for the week and was promised that they would pay after the rituals worked.

Samantha was buried at Zororo Cemetery along Seke Road. Her friends and workmates hired a commuter omnibus to ferry them to Mufakose where mourners were gathered before proceeding to the cemetery for burial, where they caused chaos by exhibiting their skills of the trade and reenacting how the deceased used to earn her living

One of the suspects walking ahead of CID detectives
CID Detectives leave the scene with the suspects