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‘I’m A Drug Addict”- Soul Jah Love Tackles Hard Substance Abuse As ARREST Saga Looms Over


Zimdancehall chanter Soul Jah Love a self confessed drug addict says he does not encourage his fans to indulge in drugs.

This is despite the fact that some of his lyrics border on substance abuse and that there are videos that have since gone viral showing him “sticking” or “stuck” after a dose.

Because of his drug problem he has been to prayers seeking a lasting solution. While the singer acknowledges his drug use, he is not ready to talk about his problems.

“I don’t want to talk about that. I’m not ready to say anything about it,” he said.

He does not do what he preaches and does not expect his fans to follow bad choices.

“I have never told people what to do and I will not influence people the wrong way,” he added.

Looking at his new album Naka Dhula Dhaka which means (Zvino naka zvinodhura zvinodhaka) translated to, “what’s nice is expensive likewise what’s intoxicating is nice,” he seems to be talking about hard substances.

Meanwhile, the singer was arrested at Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport on a South Africa-bound plane after causing commotion and breaching security regulations.