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Latest on Cabinet Minister who demanded “Demanding” $500k Bribe For Investors To Meet Mnangagwa


Deputy Minister of Information Information, Publicity & Broadcasting Services Energy Mutodi has been named as the senior government official who demanded $500 000 to facilitate one-on-one meetings with President Emmerson Mnangagwa and other senior government officials. The accusation was allegedly made by a senior official from the Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe who said that Mutodi demanded $500 000 from Korean cult leader Hak Han Moon to be introduced to the President, something which Mnangagwa himself criticised on Wednesday. Mnangagwa revealed this when he addressed a Zanu PF Central Committee meeting in Harare on Wednesday morning. Said the President

They say before I take you, pay up. One person told me that he was charged 5 million Rand to come to see me. He was told that three-quarters of the money would go to the president (and the other quarter to the fixer). So corruption, corruption, corruption, down with corruption. Being asked to pay to see the Vice-president (Constantino) Chiwenga to see (Defence minister Oppah) Muchinguri, down with corruption. Under our new dispensation, we do not tolerate corruption.

The official from the AACZ told Bulawayo24,

When Madam Moon’s people came to the country from Korea 3 months before her arrival, they were told very clearly that for her delegation to meet President Mnangagwa and Madam Oppah they have to part with $500 000. This money they were told was a standard facilitation fee that any investor who wants to meet Senior leadership in the country must pay to the person facilitating.” The official said.

“There was a bit of misunderstanding initially between us from AACZ and Cde Mutodi who was at the forefronting of charging this fee because these Koreans were primarily our hosts. In the end, we had to give in and the money exchanged hands. What I am not sure of is whether the money was paid in Rand or in Dollars but sure the money exchanged hands. Hence you saw Madam Moon being introduced to Cde Oppah. The President was also supposed to have a public dinner at Meikles with Madam Moon because that was part of the deal from the facilitator but the dinner was cancelled at the eleventh hour.