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18 Families left in the cold after Zanu Pf bigwig kicks them out


Former Rushinga senator Damian Mumvuri (Zanu-PF) is reported to have left 18 families in the cold after booting them off a farm which he says he now owns.

Conwell Matope (49), who is a father of six, said most of the villagers had been staying at the church-owned farm before Mumvuri “invaded” the property in 2005, armed with an offer letter from the government.

“We were evicted by Mumvuri three weeks ago and dumped here. We don’t have water and we are using bush toilets. It is a matter of time before there is an outbreak of diseases.

“We have been exposed to rains and thank God that the children here (pointing to a one-month-old baby and a four-month-old baby in her teenage sister’s arms) are still alive, but I am sure it is only a matter of time.”

Matope said they had tried to get assistance from Mashonaland Central Provincial Affairs minister Monica Mavhunga without any joy.

“She told us that there was nothing she could do if we are evicted from someone’s farm,” she said.

“We don’t have anywhere to go. We were born and grew up at this farm and we know no other home. (The minister) uses this road every day, but has done nothing to assist us.

Simbarashe Chingoka, a member of the same church, weighed in, saying more families faced eviction from the farm.

“Only 18 families are here out of the 46 that were settled at the farm,” he said.

“Others are still there because Mumvuri ran out of money to throw them out.

“He said he was using the money he gets from leasing the farm to a white farmer to evict us.”

Mumvuri is yet to comment on the issues.