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Chicken Inn To Make ‘Special Announcement’ On Monday For Celebrity Couple


The ‘Chicken Inn’ couple has been identified as Makhosana Mguni (27) and his fiancée Belinda Nyoni (24) of Bulawayo. The two had an unforgettable week as fast foods brand Chicken Inn flew them from Bulawayo to Harare for a marketing deal among several other programmes to market their intriguing story of love and romance.

Chicken Inn released a statement on its Twitter page on January 4. The statement reads:

Belinda and Makhosana had a very busy day on Friday. Chicken Inn flew them into Harare to finalise the brand’s contribution in celebrating their love. Watch this space for the very special announcement coming on Monday, thanks to you.

Speaking about the photo incident that initially sent tounges wagging, Mguni said

It wasn’t actually the Chicken Inn at ZITF where we met; we met at the one on 8th Avenue. We live in the same neighbourhood and I had always admired her from afar and got the opportunity to talk to her on that day. That’s the reason I chose to do my proposal at Chicken Inn because it has a lot of sentimental value for us as a couple.

… We actually met six years ago. The first time I saw her was at Chicken Inn 8th Avenue. I relocated to South Africa two years later where I’m now based and we kept in touch on the phone, through calls and WhatsApp.

On her part, the soon-to-be bride had this to say

We live close to each other in Nketa and when we met at Chicken Inn six years ago, I didn’t know that he had been ‘checking me out’ in the neighbourhood. I think when he saw me there, he then took advantage of the fact that we were at a place where there weren’t people who knew us.

I used to see her in the neighbourhood when I was with my friends. I’d tell them that I liked her and she had captured my heart. However, I couldn’t gather the strength to approach her when we were in Nketa 6.

When I saw her at Chicken Inn, it was a perfect moment as she wasn’t with her friends. I asked for her number and we became friends for a while. We became so close that I couldn’t spend a day without seeing her and before I knew it, we fell in love some months later.

-Pindula News