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“Tougher Times Ahead” Makandiwa.


For the first time ever since inception of his ministry, respected preacher and founder of United Family International Church, Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa has announced darker times ahead of Zimbabwe.

By Toneo Rutsito

Speaking today to his congregates during a church service, Makandiwa says the economy and the government is working against Zimbabweans and things shall be tougher than they are already.

“Zvinhu zvikaramba zvichioma, nyangwe vakaramba vachiomesa, zvichatooma kupfuura pazviri, asi Mwari achaita kuti muome kupfuura zvinhu”

In a literal, “When the going gets tough, the tough gets going”, Makandiwa said those who believe and wait upon the Lord shall be lifted above the situation.

Makandiwa has always been known to preach prosperity and good times ahead of Zimbabwe.

He said when the cost of living sours and more companies close, its an opportunity for those that believe in the Lord to rise above the situation and show cause.


Makandiwa was famed for prophesying oil reserves and gold pickings in Zimbabwe which all passed to be true, as signs of hope towards economic recovery.

At one point Makandiwa prophesied the poisoning of the current president Emerson Mnangagwa, who was vice president then and how he will survive which also was full filled.

However Makandiwa this morning said things are really going south and we are yet to see the worst.

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