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Acie Lumumba Hits Back At Olinda -‘Ndokuisa Pai!’


The cold War brewing between social media influencer Acie Lumumba and socialite Olinda Chapel is slowly resembling a reality TV show as the two keep trading verbal blows on social media.

This follows after Olinda revealed that she rejected Lumumba’s romantic advances towards her. Olinda took a dig on Lumumba for not shaving his nether regions in a vicious clap back post after he had made fun of her baby bump and weight.

Can someone please tell ACIE LUMUMBA kuti sha it’s not my fault I wasn’t into you. Ndoda varume vanotamba ne Veet hair remover. (I want men who can shave their body hair). Two years later you are still trolling me. Clearly you don’t do well with rejection. You now sound like those nigerian guys vanoti vakakunyenga and you say no they call you a useless goat. STOP TROLLING ME for my attention. Respect your wife !

Lumumba however wanted to have the last word in the fight.

Hanzi she rejected me. Yes sure! Ndaikuisa pai nhai? Handzizi chitundu muserere, handina cargo section yekukuchengeta. (where would I put you, I don’t have a cargo section to store you)!

Will the two bury the hatchet?