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Pics Enzo Ishall , Lorraine Ndinyengeiwo Guyo Hook Up With Lumumba


HERE is the list of upcoming guests on Acie Lumumba’s The Lumumba Files DRIVE which airs on Facebook Live every Sunday evening.

Lorraine “Ndinyengeiwo” Guyo is first, appearing this Sunday

“DEAR Lord, may I never meet Kiki Badass. Ndoziya hazvipere mushe (I know it won’t end well),” that was five days ago.

As fate would have it, the wish is granted! Lumumba features the wordy Zimbabwean rapper on his show after this week.

Acie and Christabelle Mahlungwa, better known as KikkyBaddass 

ZimDancehall artist of the moment, Enzo Ishall, will also feature on the coming show.

The “Kanjiva” hitmaker shot to fame a few months ago and has been rated by some as the next big thing in Zimbabwean Dancehall circles.